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OOO "Tomlesdrev" successfully launched the new plant

In 2012, "Tomlesdrev" initiated plant construction project - new factory producing particle board. Its development and implementation took more than four years. Construction of the plant required a huge amount of resources, costs and investments. However it is planned that the project within one year will bring enough profits. 
New plant started to work in April 2016. Chipboard, produced at the new plant is characterized by high technological characteristics, thus the quality of the product released is placed on the new level. The density of the board has increased, impurities amount reduced to a minimum. 
In October 2016, new decorative paper impregnation section has also been put into operation. It will provide half of the total production capacity which is 34 million square meters of chipboard per year. The plant was equipped by German company «Dieffenbacher Gmbh». Modern equipment allows mostly automate the production process - the total number of employees required to service workshops is not more than two hundred people.
 Planned capacity will increase the customers range, as well as it will let the company to meet the needs of today's market. 

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